Before the Consult


Please download and fill out this information sheet prior to your meeting with your attorney.

Every case is different, but all divorces and almost all custody suits will require some financial information.  To get a head start, download this Inventory and this Financial Budget. You can bring this with you for a consultation or email them to your attorney.

Please do not include full account number or identifying personal data, just the last three digits for any account numbers.

During your case

Common Questions

Figuring out your possession calendar can be hard. Use our 2022 Expanded Standard Possession Calendar to help. If you have questions, just ask. Your order terms may vary from this, so always check your order and your local school calendar.

If you want a quick estimate of possible child support, use the OAG calculator here. Remember this is just an estimate. Actual child support amount includes several factors that may or may not be reflected on the OAG website.

Family Court Services in Tarrant County provides a range of resources, including parent coordination, supervised visitation, among other offerings. If your case involves something through Family Court Services, you can find it here.

Many courts require the parties in a family case to participate in “Orientation,” which can be viewed here for now.

After the Order

Confused by legalese?

Many order contain language requiring parents to use Our Family Wizard, AppClose, or other communication tools. You can download them through the links below.

  1. Our Family Wizard – costs approximately $100 annually, but has easy to use in court
  2. AppClose – free, but with limited uses

Almost all court orders with child support require payment through the “SDU” or State Disbursement Unit. Most of the time, your child support order will require wage withholding. But if child support is not being deducted from your paycheck, then you must still pay through the SDU. Your various payment options are:

  1. Online;
  2. In person (“at the window”) in the Tarrant County Family Law Center on the 2nd Floor of the courthouse;
  3. By mailing a check here – Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit, P.O. Box 659791, San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791;
  4. At a payment kiosk (sorry, none at this time in Tarrant County); or
  5. Autodraft from your bank.