Attorney At Law

Kenneth L. McAlister

Ken began his practice working as a commercial trial lawyer for McLean Sanders Price Head and Ellis and then for Shannon Gracey Ratliff and Miller. After practicing for 14 years, Ken left his commercial litigation practice to become a solo family law practitioner and continued to serve his community in his family law practice for over 20 years.

Practice Areas

Family Law


United States Naval Academy
Texas Tech University

Born in

Fort Worth, Texas

Military Service


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Kenneth L. McAlister is a native to the City of Fort Worth. For two years, Ken pursued his original dream of becoming a fighter pilot at the Naval Academy until he realized that his dreams had changed. In his letter of resignation to the Naval Academy, Ken said that he needed to serve his country in another way. After working as a child protective social worker for what is now known as the Department of Human Services, Ken applied and was accepted to Texas Tech School of Law. His early aspirations of becoming a fighter pilot were abandoned and replaced with a long-term career as an attorney. His experience as a social worker enabled him to understand the human aspects of family law and the importance of listening to his clients and building a foundation for the children affected by divorce and child custody matters. In 2010, Ken made another significant career change in his legal practice. Ken used the knowledge gained in commercial litigation to move into real estate law and, after some years of learning the practice, began a title company with two trusted co-owners.